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Clothes, gadgets, car accessories, events, whatever it is that you promote through your website, it must look nice. A graphic or a web designer will help you and your company decide on the layout, the colours and the images that will make your website appealing to customers. Of course there are other things that a proper website needs, like functionality, but we will focus on the design aspect.

As a user, when surfing on the internet, you may not choose a product, or a company because they do not look nice online. This is what a designer will take care of. Here are some mistakes that designers do and may result to an irritating website.

1. You use too many fonts. In websites the rule ‘less is more’ applies in all cases. Different sizes and different kind of fonts confuse users as they try more to understand the layout rather than reading the message that you try to promote. Two or three fonts are normal for a website but these should be non conflicting because they will also confuse the user.

2. Random images. An image can replace a whole text if it is successful, bright and in the right dimensions. You should always remember that a website can be successful just because its aesthetic is high. Images from Google, or chosen without any criteria can make the website look messy or less corporate than it should. If you are an owner of car accessories, organise a photoshoot of your products and with the help of the web designer they will look nice and bright.

3. Poor image editing. Blurred and stretched images and wrong dimensions make the website and your company look unprofessional. Customers need to know that you invested on experts to make your website because if you look after your product, you will also look after your clients.

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