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Thinking of starting off a blog? Some people prefer to do so before taking the big decision to make a website. This happen because they are not feeling confident enough with social media, computers, internet. A blog can be an online journal or  a significant income. The choice is really yours!

However before anyone starts a blog whether he is an amateur or an experienced user, there are some steps that everyone should follow in order to be successful.

  1. Promote it. The more people know about your blog launch, the better. Let them know with emails and posts on social media that your blog is going to be online on the specific day and time. It’s a way to start building a relationship with your audience. For example, upload a screenshot on your Facebook or Instagram and use hashtags like #newblog to let people know about your blog’s launch.
  2. Start following and connecting with other bloggers. It doesn’t have to be about competition but more like networking. You comment to a post, the blogger comments back. You forward a post to your social media, other bloggers will do that too for your own blog.
  3. Prepare with enough content for your first day. Love at first sight. That is what readers and users should feel about your blog on the launch day. Bright images and lots of posts for them to scroll down, click, read and finally engage with. The first impression is important so make sure your blog is strong and professional. Write as much as you can and show off all the possibilities of the blog. Quizzes, slideshows, all the share buttons, comments, everything that the blog can offer should ready and functioning on day one.

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