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The easiest way to look up a business and the services it provides, is on the internet. However not all owners realise that and about 35% of companies don’t have a website. Whichever might be the reason why some businesses do not invest on the internet, here are 7 benefits from having a website.

1. More customers will have access on the website and the company.

Not only people will look up the business on the internet, but if an existing customer would like to suggest the business to a friend, he can do it by just giving the URL. Also, the business will not have a local influence but a worldwide where customers can have access every day, 24 hours per day.

2. Content can be updated easier with no printing and distribution costs.

Every new service, product or information that needs to be changed, can be a simple, fast and costless procedure. Especially websites that are based on WordPress or Joomla, offer an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).

3. Services are more easy to be understood.

A store or an office has employees who can explain to customers what they offer, costs and every single detail about the business. However, a website illustrates the services with graphics, video, testimonials and it can also provide a ‘Contact us’ section for more questions. Customers can see and learn more, therefore choose the business.

4. A website offers personalised email addresses.

It is very professional to contact a client using a corporate email address than a personal. Also the company can send out newsletters to clients regarding offers, new products, etc.

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