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A professional graphic designer is necessary for a business in order to visualise its concepts with creative ideas. Communication is very important for a company because this is the way to inform people and potential customers about what they offer.

Graphic designers have to deal every day with different kind of clients. Some are easy to communicate with while some others are difficult to work with. They ask too much without knowing what exactly is what they ask for, they give a poor brief, in some cases they don’t give at all, and they can be stressful and even rude.

If at some point you meet a graphic designer and decide to do business with him or her, think twice before you say some things like those below:

  1. “I am not sure what I want, do lots of different versions and I will know when I see it”. The designer will create ideas for a specific product or concept that the client wants to promote. It is difficult and will take lots of hours for him to guess the concept and find answers.
  2. Don’t worry we will fix it in Photoshop”. Sometimes clients give images in low resolution and require a lot of work to be clear, bright and able to be print on large dimensions. The result can be disappointing and destroy the whole project. Photoshop is a tool that makes a nice image nicer, it is not a wizard.
  3. “Can I make one more final change?” Changes on the document just seconds before it is sent for print, are the designers’ nightmare. In some cases, clients decide to make changes late at night, in the weekends and on holidays and most of the times the designer must get them done and send them to the client for approval.
  4. “The price is too high, I found someone else that can do the job with half of your rate”. A designer’s rate is a compilation of lots of things. A studio will charge less than an individual designer. Experience, reputation, skills, speed are some of the things that build the profile of a designer as well as his rate.

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