About Us

Our past is what makes us what we are today.

Our journey started in 2012 when we obtained a large format printer, which can print large graphics on different media. Impressed at the scope of what it could offer, Team RGB (that was our name back then!) was established – an optimistic graphic design and printing company.

As we began to build business, we explored other areas such as flyers, business cards and website design. As the trends shifted, we shifted along with it. We began to offer online marketing solutions, websites and social media support until it was clear that this was the main area we want to focus on and where our strength lies. Slowly, but surely, we moved away from printing and went full-on into the world of digital marketing.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. The more design work and website work we did, the better our work got, the more impressed the clients were. Using these skills, boring looking websites could be replaced with our fancy, colourful ones. Not only that, we made websites engaging as well as beautiful. Our customers quickly noticed this great service, and it was then that we decided that website development and design was clearly where we needed to be.

Synergi Digital is born!

In 2019, it was time to rebrand and turn over a new leaf. A new brand, name, and more importantly, a new identity was needed. So in a coffee shop in central London, surrounded by the coming and going of budding entrepreneurs, the smell of coffee and croissants, Synergi Digital was born!

Why Synergi Digital? It’s quite simple really. Try and find the domain that you want and the name in Companies House. Already gone right? Well that’s the reason why we had to think different and be different. In actual fact, that’s a good thing. Being unique helps us to stand out from the crowd, and that’s exactly how we aim to help you.

When we se the word “Synergi” (actually spelt Synergy), we think about the combination of things to work together. That’s what we aim to do here. By understanding your needs, services, your brand, and industry, we put all of those things together with the primary focus on your goals. Hence the name Synergi.