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Is this your first attempt to build a website? Are you the owner of a small business thinking to grow and invest on the internet? A website is always a god solution to promote your products and services. Below you will find some useful tips, especially if you are a beginner, that you should know before launching a website.

  1. The website must be mobile friendly, which means, its content can be seen on any digital screen, like mobile, tablet, etc.
  2. The website should be interactive in order to be more attractive to users, instead of a flat page full of information. In order to succeed that the design must be consistent in fonts and colours, avoid pop up windows and other features that a good web designer should know.
  3. The navigation menu of the website is really important because the visitors have the chance through that to see all the content. It must easy and simply to use and also the copy must be simple as well. The goal is to flow easily without leaving the page because something in the design irritates the users.
  4. Don’t make big menus because users will get tired and confused. Use maximum 7 categories per menu.
  5. Rule of screen: The most useful information must be concluded within a screen and the user wont need to scroll further down to look for it.
  6. Make the logo of the company clickable and to the homepage. Each time someone clicks on the logo, he should be redirected to the homepage.
  7. Choose images that are focused on the product or services you offer. General images will disorientate users. Also, make sure images are high quality.

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