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Most people use the internet for a big variety of things in everyday life. Reading the news, shopping, communicating with friends and family, searching for homes, etc. Internet also is the mean of speed, users want to get their job done, fast and efficiently. Therefore a website must be working properly so as to engage more users and more clients. Let’s see what are the most usual problems that users come up with on a website:

1. The website is not compatible with all web browsers. Normally it should work on any browser, on any system, on any device.

2. Images do not load properly or it takes ages until they show up.

3. The error page comes up on the screen. Bugs or links that fail to open are a reason for the user to leave the website.

4. Poor or complicated navigation. Users can’t find easily what they are looking for and menus are hidden or confusing.

5. Unattractive web design. The website needs to be clean and compact. Too much information will discourage the user from using the site.

6. Pages load slowly. Time is important for users so every second counts when the surf on the internet. Most users won’t wait for a page to load, they will just close the page tab.

7. Bad written content. Words should be wisely chosen; they must be interesting, smart and inspiring.

As a company that wants to grow its business and take it online, all problems mentioned above should be taken into consideration before building a website.

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